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Prescott Arizona


Prescott Arizona is "everybody's home town". It is an amazing city with all the feel of a small town, but all the commodities of a big city. People actually wave and say hello when passing in the street. Lots of mom and pop restaurants and shops; all locally owned and sourced. There is no other place quite like Prescott.

All of the properties listed on this website are one of a kind, an unique experience that you won't get anywhere else.

Wilder House - Built in 1891, this is the oldest Victorian House in Prescott. Many of the features in the home are restored from the original build. The pocket doors still slide just like they did when when they were first put in. All of the transom windows still function as well. Also, the fireplace mantel is still the original to the build of the house. All of this, plus only 2 blocks from the historic (and fun) whiskey row.

Devour House - Wilder's guest house, or it's carriage house. Is a cozy, yet spacious, studio rental. Complete with everything that you would need. Including a pot belly stove. Sitting just behind Wilder House, it is walking distance to downtown (or what the locals call the square).

Game House - The name says it all here. It is Prescott's one and only game house. If you are traveling with kids, or a kid at heart, then this is the house for you. Stocked full of vintage arcade games; both the standing up kind that you use to feed quarters into to get the high score and as a cocktail table where you can relax while you are playing a game of pac-man. Plus, for the newer gamer there is also all the video games including: a nintendo, super nintendo, wii, and playstation. With so much entertainment right here, you may not want to go anywhere else. 

PineView Studio - What a charming studio, perfectly sized for two. Looking for a romantic little get away, then this is your place. Nestled in the pines, with a great back patio. Brand new build, complete with all the little extras to make this house your home (while in Prescott).